Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring skirt sets

Please excuse the fabric arriving soon

In the mean time please check out our newest fundraiser and win a doll for that special little lady in your life!

American Girl Doll drawing

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Some new to me things

I was so blessed last week to receive some great items to sell to help us bring our precious little one home from China!

 If you would like to purchase any of these items please leave me a comment after this post and let me know the email address you'd like for me to send the paypal invoice to.

Thank you very much for all your help in making our dream of adopting this precious baby girl come true!!!! 

This next set is just STUNNING in person.  It is a black background with Asian combs all over it.  It has a bright and cheery accent trim and has a matching doll dress as well as an adjustable headband and matching doll and girl bracelets.  This outfit has NEVER been worn and is outstanding in it's craftsmanship!!!  The person who donated it won it in an auction and paid 65.00 for the set.  I am going to ask for offers on this one   Please be generous because as with all the items for sale the profits are to bring home our little one. This outfit was made by Robin at

I also have some crafts for sale that were donated to me as well.  The purse has sold thank you!

This is a set of a photo album and frame that fit 4x6 photos and is decoupaged with the same red (almost burgundy) fabric with the gold Chinese symbols on it.  They are trimmed with a matching ribbon that says Family on it!  I am asking 10.00 for the set with 4.00 shipping.  This was made by Diana at

 This decoupaged photo album has 3-D flower accents on the front and is so cute with the little lady bugs.  It holds 4x6 photos and I am asking 8.00 plus 3.00 shipping for this one. This was made by Diana at
This is a simple pink canvas covered photo album that holds 4x6 photos but has room for some journalling along side the photos.  I am asking 7.00 plus 3.00 shipping for this one.

I really wish I had a better camera to photograph these because I can  not begin to tell you how beautiful they are in person!!!!!!  They are tiny glass beads that are accented with sweet charms.  Each necklace measures approximately 15.00 in length so they are designed for a child's neck!  I am asking 15.00 each with 2.50 shipping.  These necklaces were made and donated by my dear friend Jan!

Again these are just STUNNING in person.  They are a coral color, not red, not orange but a true coral color and I LOVE them!  This one measures approximately 16" in length so it is designed for an adult but could also be used for a child.  The detail on the chain is so amazing!

Thank you again so much for considering purchasing one or more items to help us bring our princess home!  I will happily combine shipping if someone wants to purchase multiple items.

I do have the coffee cozies available still and wanted to mention that they work just as well on frozen coffee and Dairy Queen type cups to keep your hands from freezing while you enjoy those summer beverages!!!

Monday, March 5, 2012


WHEW, thank you for hanging in there with me.

We are finally DTC and should even be logged into China this week!  YAHOO  I still have to pinch myself to believe this is not just some dream.  We REALLY are going to China, we REALLY DO have a daughter who is 3 years old and is waiting for us!  Thank you Lord for all the provisions so far!!

Since the title of the blog is "stitching my way to another daughter from China", it's about time I added my latest project!  I have been blessed to receive a gift from a good friend that is very similar to what I was making so I have twice the items to sell!  Thank you so much Michele!!!

 Some Chinese fabrics...Top is red black and blue firecrackers, center is blue with lanterns, the bottom is a pretty black, red and cream Chinese fabric with cranes, and characters.
 These are paisley prints
 Just plain whimsical fabrics
 These are coffee cuffs they are double felt layered non adjustable cuffs to keep you hands warm but not hot when you slide it over your coffee cup.

The cozies are layered with the same insulating material as a pot holder and will keep the chill off of the iced drinks as well as keep you from being scorched with a hot cup of coffee.

Each cozy and cuff are 10.00 each with all shipping charges included.  These are all hand made with love for a little girl a half a world away.  There will be crooked seams, there will be missed stitches, there might even be extra threads hanging off the sides.  If you are looking for perfection you won't find it here but if you want to help us bring home our sweet daughter from China and help the environment as well (because who needs all those little cardboard cozies we throw away all the time in the landfill)  They will fit over any mug without a handle.  The cuffs do not go as high as the cozies, and the cozies are adjustable with Velcro to fit either high or low on the mug.

I hope you enjoy them, I have plenty of more fabric to make more if needed so please pass around the blog address and if you'd like to order just leave me a message with the fabric you want and the email address I can send your PayPal invoice to in a comment (which will not be published).

Thank you so much!!!!