Tuesday, May 22, 2012

God is good

God is good ALL THE TIME....even when I am not trusting in Him like I should.

First let me start by saying even though no one specifically posted here, THANK YOU for your prayers.  I know you are praying because I can feel it!  My heart is not gripped with fear but with excitement and that can only come from the Lord.

Secondly, as I have said before God has provided for our journey only when we have needed it and only as much as we have needed.  Never early, never late, never not enough and never too much (although I would love to try out that early and too much part some day)  Just as He has done up until this point, He showed me again, that He is in charge of this journey to little T.  We received a letter yesterday saying that we were awarded a FOUR THOUSAND dollar grant from Show Hope.  My heart is beyond overflowing with gratitude.  You see, again, that is the exact amount we needed to pay the next fee when our LOA arrives.  My guess is that our LOA must not be too far away if He sent the money for it.  Saturday is our car wash which will now officially be the beginning of our travel fee funds.  It is all we will be needing to complete this adoption and after the LOA comes we will only have about 3 months to raise it.  I know I will again go to that dark place, I know there will be times of stress and worry that money will not be there.....but that is where I need you!  I need you to be in constant prayer for my heart to hear what the Lord is saying...and that is "Don't worry, I've got this" Sadly though being a human means I tend to listen to evil saying "you better worry, you are not good enough for this"  SIGH

So this post was to give credit where credit is due, THANK YOU LORD for yet again providing the funds and especially the love for me and for little T that it takes to bring her home!!!  THANK YOU friends for praying me through this!  I am getting very excited and definitely plugging back into this adoption!!!

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