Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Afraid to start again

I am really scared to start this again.  I had such a scary encounter the last time I made a blog to help bring our daughter home.  Fundraising is not for the faint of heart.  I am more than fundraising though.  I am asking for help in the costs involved in bringing home a child from China.  Raising her, paying for her therapies, food, dance class, all of those things will be fine and covered by my husband's job.  Getting 30,000.00 together in less than a year to pay for bringing her home...that takes a village.  I am trying to do more than just ask for donations.  I appreciate each and every dollar that has been donated to us and will continue to accept them don't worry! ;)  I do however feel I need to "work" to earn that money as well.

I started out making doll dresses that fit 18" dolls and WOW the response to that was HUGE.  I then moved to matching doll skirts and skirts for the little girls in your life.  Again, God has blessed me BIG TIME.  I am hoping that this new sewing project is just as successful.  We have a LONG way to go and a short time to get there (yeah who else is singing that 70's song now?  You're welcome) I will still be offering the doll dresses and skirt sets when I find material that just speaks to me but for now I'm working on something that EVERYONE can use.  I'm guessing not many guys will want them but hey you never know, if I find the right fabric I might get lucky right?

You will have to wait just a little bit longer but I wanted to get the blog up and running and get the ones in from a friend who has something similar to donate.  But I promise it will be worth the wait!

Now I "stole" this from a friend off Facebook.  I think it really speaks to what we are doing trying to bring home another daughter when financially we were not even close to being ready to do so!!!!

"Sometimes the will of God feels downright irresponsible. You are called to make a decision or take a course of action that seems to make no sense. And if you do it, the people closest to you may think you are crazy. Even Jesus' family felt that way about Him. But responsible irresponsibility means refusing to allow your human responsibilities to get in the way of pursuing the passions God puts in your heart.” ... Mark Batterson

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  1. Yay! I am so excited to find out what your new project is!!!

    Welcome back into the world of blogging! :)

    Love the quote.....hmmmm, I think I am gonna 'steal' it from, I mean "borrow' it! lol