Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And so we wait

Wow, by the time we travel to China for our little one I will be an expert at waiting!!!  We seem to hit a snag at every step and have to wait for this, that, or another thing before we can move on to the next step.  SIGH

At this point we are finished with our home study.  We made it through our state review, and submitted our I800a application.  We received a RFE (request for evidence) from USCIS/NBC and have been fingerprinted.  We are now just waiting to see if our home study addendum has arrived on our assigned officer's desk and that our prints are in the system so we can get that all important approval and be able to be DTC (dossier to China) before the end of the month.  I am seeing days being ticked off the calendar though and starting to think that might not be possible.  So I guess I will just wait some more and hope for the best.

I have some exciting things to offer for sale but need to find the time to get it all photographed and posted.  I have received some AMAZING donations of items as well so keep watching, if I can get to it tomorrow I'll consider myself a rock star.  LOL (I have so much going on these past few days that if I get this done by then it will prove I can do it all)

So please hang in there and wait, while I wait.  :)

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