Saturday, February 25, 2012

I may not be a rockstar

Well I didn't get the things posted on here that I wanted BUT I did post some amazing earrings that were donated to me to sell on Facebook and they sold out within 24 hours.  That helped push our seedling grant total to nearly the last dollar we needed to qualify for it.  WHOOO HOOO.  I think we have enough now, I need to double check with them on Monday but wow, that is just so amazing to me!!!!!!!!!!! 

I WILL be posting the new, fun, and exciting, things next week. now that I will be home to make sure I keep track of who is buying what and shipping them out in a timely maner.  But for now I leave you with this...............the picture I took Thursday night....our completed dossier just before I put it in an envelope to mail off to our agency.  They need to triple check it and make sure everything is right and off to China it goes.  WOW!!!

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