Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breathe in breathe out

I have to remind myself to do that, because honestly I can't remember right now.

All day I was worried about whether or not our TA would come.  I started seeing so many others get theirs that I started to panic.  So finally the call came and of coarse all the anxiety that comes with it.  When will we travel?  What will it cost?  Will we have the money?  You know all the usual stuff....Then at 11pm my phone rings and it is my China coordinator and she says we have your Consulate appointment (CA).  This is BIG, this is the appointment that guarantees that Miss T will be a US citizen when we land back on US soil.  Everything is backed up from there.

Our CA...........AUGUST 21st...........Great right?  Well yes, sorta, you see this means we are in a PANIC of trying to figure out last second things because we need to be on a plane by Aug 10th or 11  and Yes I know tomorrow is AUGUST FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

BREATHE in BREATHE out........  I'm having heart palpatations, I'm sweating, and just generally FREAKING OUT right about now.

Please say some prayers for us, specifically that we will have the money to travel.  That the money will be there when we need it to purchase tickets with at least a 7 day advance so they are not 4K a piece!  Pray for my sanity.  I am not good under pressure, I tend to go hide in a quiet place and wait for it to pass and I do not have time to do that!!!  Pray for Miss T.  Her world will be rocked in less then 2 weeks and she won't know what hit her.  She does know she has a family but how much can a just turned 4 year old truly understand what that means.????  I know there will be pain in her heart to gain love and that's hard.  Pray for Emma as well.  This adoption is bringing out a lot of pain and grief for her.  She talks about her birth family constantly and I try to listen and help her through it but I am so disconnected right now stressing over THIS adoption I'm not sure if I'm helping her process her own adoption enough. :(

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  1. Praying for peace for you. You know He will provide everything you need.