Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Ok, we are soooo close I can smell jet fuel!!

We were blessed today with a 1,500.00 grant and a loan for 5,000.00 that with another friend who generously offered us a no interest loan for another 2000.00 means we are only about 500.00 short of what I believe will be the final costs to get to China!  I am beyond humbled right now! 

I will probably call tomorrow and get tickets put on hold that I can purchase on Thursday.  OH MY GOODNESS I'm going to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be in debt for a long time but Ting is worth it!!!!!!!  Heck I think I just paid off Kaitlyn's Csection a few years ago so what's another 18 years. LOL  (KIDDING!!)

Wow, I have to pack!!!!!!

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