Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not IF but When

I have finally allowed myself to believe that we WILL be going to China next month.  I actually have said WHEN we go to China in a conversation, not IF.  I must say that is HUGE for me.  I have been so apprehensive to say that, guarding my heart if you will.  I have seen though that God has planned this entire adoption from day 1 and I need to just keep trusting HIM and not relying on my own understanding.

Last week we were the featured family in a Making a difference 1.00 at a time campaign.  In just one week, we made $1928.00  I am BLOWN AWAY by the generosity of others in helping us bring our daughter home.  We also have an application into a private foundation for the opportunity for a grant or loan or both.  This would be the answer to so many prayers.  Hopefully we will hear from them some time next week.  Our Travel Approval should be here this coming week as well (maybe Monday) so we should know our travel days very soon!  WOW

PLEASE remember my generous friend has donated some items that she is willing to give away if you donate to our Chip In and leave a comment here.  We are so grateful for her generosity!!!!!!!!

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