Thursday, August 2, 2012

I should be documenting this

I should have been documenting things as they have been happening because every day, no every hour things change!

I am so blow away by God's provisions for Miss T's adoption.  I don't just mean the financial ones either.  I mean the little God winks that she was ours all the way down to getting that loan/grant at the last minute.  We are also so glad that we will be able to bring Em with us.  Her anxiety levels have been off the charts this past week and I don't think she could have handled not going.   Even with going things are going to be rough for her for a while. :( 

Looks like we will be buying our plane tickets tomorrow and headed to China very soon.  I don't plan to blog the entire trip.  My goal will be getting to know my new daughter and surviving the heat in Southern China.  I do promise to post a photo though for everyone to see once we have her.  I will post when I get home for sure (I'll need something to do when jet lag kicks in and I'm up at 2am)

Now it's time to make my lists and shop for necessities!  We are going to China!!!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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