Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello Everyone! My name is Peggy, and Dawn and her family are friends...well, kind of like family without the formal adoption. LOL

One year ago today we had no idea the next day we would get Travel Approval for our precious daughter, Rachel, from China. We hit a few snags with scheduling due to our daughter's province officials being unavailable, but we eventually made it and we met our daughter on September 19, 2011. It was the most beautiful, exciting, frightening, heartbreaking time of our lives! It's amazing what changes take place in such a short time! We love this little devilish angel and can't imagine life with her!

Rachel ~ September 19, 2011
 We are excited to be adding another child to "our family"...Miss T! We can't wait to meet her, but first she must meet her forever family. We'll all be watching and praying for them, and if for some reason Dawn cannot post updates in China, I'll do that for her because if you are anything like me....YOU CAN'T WAIT until they get home! LOL

~~~~ Peggy ~~~~

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  1. Thank you soooo much Peggy! I hope that somehow, someway, 1 of us is able to get posts and pictures up! I remember the days you were in China and it felt like days between emails or posts and at most it was 12 hours from the time delay. Funny how being on the US side of things made it seem so important for me to "meet" Rachel right away. I know you feel that way about Miss T too! EEEKKK here we gooooooooooooo