Tuesday, August 14, 2012

table for 6

It is official, we have one more branch on our family tree.  Miss T is now Aliyah (although we still call her TingTing and probably will forever if she wants us to)

We were worried about today and how she would react going back to the place where her world was torn apart but our guide called ahead and asked that the nannies not be in the room when she got there.  I think this helped her little heart. 

She does not want to be out of daddy's view and when he and Em tried to go for a walk she screamed the entire hour they were gone.  As soon as they walked in she was able to calm down and fall asleep.  I should have joined her though because I am exhausted right now.

We caused quite the commotion trying to buy strollers today.  The other family and ours both need strollers since neither girl is able to walk on their own (well Ting is said to be able to, but she refuses to let her feet touch the ground)  It's hard to carry a child who is not used to being held.  The shopkeeper was running up and down the street from store to store to find us a stroller like the one she had in stock.  In the end we got a great deal and a really sturdy stroller so it was worth all the fuss!!!  I'm hoping she'll wear her new shoes tomorrow too because hers are falling apart and I want to be able to save them for her.

I think that about does it, my brain is still only firing on 1 cylinder so I know I'm forgetting something!

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  1. Stay rested. When she sleeps, you sleep. I took lots of naps while in China. Glad things are going better today. Blessings