Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Leaving soon

Oh my, we are so close now.  I really should be packed though, but sadly I'm not even close..Well I lied I am CLOSE but still too far away to be ready to leave.

God worked His miracles again and we were able to get the deposit back into our account after it somehow went into someone else's account.  We were also able to get the overdraft fees credited back to us.

WHEW it has been a CRAZY few days.  In the end though God prevailed and we were able to buy our tickets, book hotels, and start feeling the excitement that should have been ours from the beginning.

We continue to need your prayers for continued safety, health and travel mercies.  Please pray for Miss T as well.  She is about to have her world torn away from her and no matter how happy and excited we are, she at only 4 can't really understand what is happening to her.  Please remember us often as you find yourself up at odd hours of the night (since it will be day time there).

I do plan to post a few times while in China.  I know it will be hard to find time but it is the LEAST I can do to show the world that miracles DO still happen!!

Thank you again, whether you helped financially, or shared our blog with someone, or prayed for us, or just thought "wow, glad it's not me" All of you helped us get where we are, the thoughts, the prayers, they are all just as important as the money is so THANK YOU!!!

Next post....probably from China so stayed tuned!!!

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