Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last hal

First let me apologize for not posting more.  I wish I could say it was because we were having so much fun but adoption is not always sunshine and rainbows.  We have some really great moments but we also have some hard ones.

Ting has really bonded with her daddy and doesn't like it one bit when he leaves the room.  She is babbling more and more and hopefully someday that will be real words.  She did say BABA BABA BABA and he said she said Momma too but I was in another room and couldn't hear it.  I tell her Wo Aye Ni and she smiles so big, someone somewhere told her that before.  Our guide swears she said it to Steve today too.  I'm sticking with that she did say it! LOL

She is not fond at all of EmmaLi and has moments where she loves to be with me and moments when she would rather drink poison I'm afraid.  But every day we see more smiles than the day before and I know we'll get there.

Today was the medical exam and TB test. Tomorrow is a free day and to be honest I really need that.  When we arrived in GZ I have felt so out of sorts it isn't funny.  I'm not sure if it is the change in altitude or what but my brain doesn't seem to be connected to my body anymore.  I can stare at an object for 20 minutes and not know what it is.  My friend Beth said she is having a hard time too so whatever it is we are both feeling it.  We did the paperwork to prepare for our consulate appointment and we were both just frazzled and then all of a sudden it was done and we were like, oh that was easy. LOL

I pay by the minute for internet so I need to sign off.  I don't have pictures to post today.  I am just too tired to look through them to find something.  I just wanted to let everyone know to pray for our emotional and physical health and for Ting's continued adjustment.

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