Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seriously Satan???

Oh my gosh, seriously???  I do not know what plans the Lord has for Miss T but they must be HUGE.  I mean the miracles that the Lord performed to even get us to the point of adopting her have been huge but Satan is not done messing with us.  When will he realize that God is going to continue to get all the glory for this adoption and HE WILL WIN YET AGAIN?

This morning I was sitting down to pay regular household bills and needed to see when my husband was last paid so I could know how much I had in the bank and which bills to pay before we go and which to hold until we come home.

I log onto my online banking to see what the last date was and what do I see?  A NEGATIVE balance of close to 4 thousand dollars!  WHAT?????  Yesterday seemed like a miracle because I needed to have a check redeposited as cash instead of the paper check it was originially done as.  The paper check wasn't going to clear until Saturday and I needed it by Friday to buy the tickets.  The girl did a reversal of the deposit and then registered it as a cash deposit.  All was good, my computer showed the update and I was happy.  I purchased my tickets for the flight and again I checked online and was a happy girl.

Who knew I should have made a screen copy of those transactions because today there is NO RECORD OF ANY OF IT, not the original deposit, not the reversal, not the cash deposit....NONE OF IT.  What it does show however is the charges for the tickets which of coarse we do not have enough money to clear without that deposit.

I called the 800 number because I couldn't find this out at 11:50.....nooooo I find it out at 12:10 when the bank closes at 12:00.  The girl at the end of the phone heard me bawling and probably didn't understand half of what I was telling her, but said I have until 4pm to get it straighten out on Monday before that charge goes through so you know I will be on the bank door step at 9am Monday without fail!!!!!!!!!

So again, Satan.........I don't know why you won't move on to another family THIS BABY GIRL IS COMING HOME, and SHE WILL KNOW ALL ABOUT THE LORD WHO GOT HER HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She will hear about Him from day one and every day for the rest of her life so GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray this will all be cleared up and not affect our tickets or travel!!!

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